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Have you shopped at buybuy BABY before? Their stores are wonderful, their staff is helpful, and their online shopping experience is super convenient! Leave your comments or questions below!

baby shopping at bed bath and beyond thismama loves buy buy babySkip Hop Baby Safety is our main concern and I felt very picky when it comes to picking out a convertible car seat. The experts at buybuy BABY know all the ins and outs of each brand and model and can help make the right choice! I had no idea if they would take back this crib sheet that I received as a gift (ages ago) and just never got around to returning. clek at buybuy baby One of my favorite things about buybuy BABY is their return policy.

buybuy baby shopping experience running stroller shopping buybuy baby essentials Hudson is turning into quite the little shopper himself! He loved our visit to buybuy BABY and he definitely pointed out some new things he would like to add to his Christmas list this year! Hehe! buybuy baby blog post car seat shopping at buybuy Baby We had a couple in mind already, and with the expert help of our buybuy BABY sales associate, we were able to make a decision!

Prishika recommended the BOB Revolution Flex Jogging Stroller! The toy section is incredible at buybuy BABY. canadian car seat shopping They have toys and books for newborns, babies, and toddlers! Hudson got to choose a new toy and brought home his very first Learning Tablet by Leap Frog! He was pretty excited to say the least!

These Munchkin snack catchers are a favorite of ours! It allows snacking without creating a big mess around the house or on the go. Shopping Buybuy Baby We decided on a new set by OXO tot which came highly recommended!

buybuy Baby toy selection It’s safe to say that Hudson looked pretty cozy in the seat. toilet training essentials at buybuy babymy little shopper at buy buy baby Choosing the correct car seat is vital, and with the many choices, it can be truly overwhelming! The best thing to do is go into the store and try them out yourselves.

She was super knowledgeable and explained the features, the benefits, and also pointed out optional accessories.

Shopping for essentials at buybuy Baby!


p>Shopping for essentials at buybuy Baby! Put your little one in the seat and see how they feel! Are they comfortable? Is the buckle or latch user friendly? Langley buybuy baby locationchoosing new baby feeding accessories When we found out we were expecting, I knew I wanted to register at buybuy BABY! It took only one visit to their store in Langley and I knew was the place to find everything we needed for our little arrival!

They were so helpful and knowledgeable, which made the process of registering not only easy, but fun! Fast forward 18 months, and we have a toddler on our hands! Where has the time gone!? While baby grows older, his needs have changed, and new gear is necessary. buybuy baby canada Hudson has a thing for penguins lately (and panda bears), must be the contrast of black and white!

Anyways, he headed straight for these cute Penguin Bath Kneelers by Skip Hop! I can say from experience these bath kneeling cushions have made bathing this little one a lot more comfortable, and have given our achy knees a rest at bath time. I had been meaning to take it in for months and could no longer find the gift receipt. clek car seat shopping Their clever design allows his hand to fit inside to grab his snacks, without letting them spill out!

It is one of the most important items you will purchase for your child, as it could potentially save their life. stroller shopping at buybuy Baby baby mercedes convertible At one point it looked like he was about to fall asleep. Even though it had been over a year, they were still happy to return it and give me a store credit! Now that is great service! It&#8217;s sleek style has authentic details, a horn that plays music, and storage under the seat!

We haven&#8217;t started toilet training yet, but I know where I will be shopping when the time comes to stock up on potty training supplies! How fun is this My Size Potty by Summer Infant!? This mini toilet is just like the real thing, and even makes a realistic flushing noise! choosing the perfect car seat at buybuy baby There is always a helpful sales associate nearby to answer any questions which we took full advantage of! The stroller selection at buybuy BABY is vast!

Whether you&#8217;re looking for a everyday stroller, a double stroller, a travel-compact stroller, or even a jogging stroller, they have it all! Even if you have no idea what kind of stroller you are looking for, they will help you decide! After our visit, I&#8217;m definitely interested in purchasing a jogging stroller that can handle rough terrain. There&#8217;s a lot to consider when picking out the right car seat! Not only do you need to find a safe, reliable, well-reviewed car seat that you can trust, but you also need to find one that fits safely inside your vehicle. buybuy BABY is more than happy to help by trying out different seats in your car to narrow down the best fit!

The store feels so organized and everything is laid out in sections that are easy to navigate. Since it was purchased from my registry, they were able to find it in their system. As Hudson is becoming more and more independent when it comes to eating, I wanted to check out their vast selection of mealtime accessories, sippy cups, and utensils. Truthfully I already had the Clek Foonf Convertible Car Seat in mind, however after learning more about the revolutionary safety features of the Clek Foonf from Prishika, I knew it was the right choice for us.

Recently I headed to our local buybuy BABY in Langley in search of some essential items for our growing boy! Our sales associate started by asking us a few questions in order to recommend the right car seat options. One of the main purposes of our shopping trip was to check out a few different convertible car seat options for Hudson. Of course our visit to buybuy BABY wasn&#8217;t complete until Hudson took a ride around the store in this Mercedes Convertible Push Car. Shopping can make me tired, and also hungry&#8230; so I understood! &#128521; A great benefit of registering with buybuy BABY is that you receive a gift bag stuffed with great samples and coupons!

They also gave us a completion discount after our baby shower, so we were able to get a discount on items that weren&#8217;t purchased from our registry! I used it online once baby was born to pick up last minute https://cars45.co.ke/listing/toyota/rush/2010 items! What a bonus!

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